Internship Program

The philosophy of the internship program at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital is to provide a solid veterinary medicine and surgery foundation to young equine veterinarians through firm mentoring and hands-on learning, which will allow them to expand into a specific area of interest and create a niche within their profession.
Interns are expected to help manage hospitalized cases, assist in surgery, perform anesthesia, provide input during lameness examinations, respond to ambulatory calls, and share emergency responsibilities.  Direct daily supervision is provided by assigned clinicians; however, an abundance of room is available to grow professionally, sharpen veterinary skills, and gain confidence.  As the individual progresses more independence is encouraged.

Internships are salaried positions, with benefits including health insurance, professional liability insurance, 1 week paid vacation, possible housing or housing allowance, and expenses paid for one approved veterinary conference. For specific details on salary, benefits, and additional information, please see our internship program listing posted in Avenues on the American Association of Equine Practitioners website (

Internships are for one year and run from June to June. Applications are accepted in the fall of each year. Application deadline for the internship is December 1. Notification of acceptance is in early January.  To apply for an internship position, please send a curriculum vitae, letter of intent, and 3 letters of reference to Dr. Cole Sciba, at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital, 5960 Hospital Road, Aubrey, Texas, 76227.  It is recommended that you participate in an externship at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital if you are seriously pursuing an internship position.

If you have any questions regarding our internship program, please direct your inquiry to Dr. Sciba at (940)365-9632 or

Externship Program

Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital extends a welcome to veterinary students from across the world.  The clinical atmosphere experienced by veterinary students while visiting Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital is a unique and strong learning experience.  An enormous amount of knowledge can be gained by observation, hands-on familiarity, and exposure to our high caseload.  A rigidly structured program for visiting students is not enforced; therefore, students are allowed some flexibility in regards to whatever aspects of the practice interest them.  

Students are expected to assist clinicians and interns as needed. To optimize the learning experience, students are encouraged to help with emergency cases and treatments regardless of the time of day.  Clinicians, interns and technicians make every effort to explain hospital cases and procedures whenever possible.

Potential interns are strongly encouraged to participate in our externship program prior to applying for an internship.  If you have any questions regarding our externship program, please direct your inquiry to Dr. Sciba at (940)365-9632 or

Limited on-site housing is provided at no cost to the student, and must be reserved when scheduling an externship.
Internship & Externship
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