Weems & Stephens Hospital is dedicated to giving back to the next generation of equine veterinarians.

Internship information

Philosophy: We hope to provide our interns with an environment that will prepare them for successful career by exposing them to all aspects of equine practice while challenging their intellectual and personal development. We strive to provide our interns with hand-on experience while developing their ability to manage cases. We try to impress upon our interns the importance of providing high quality medical care for the horses and customer service for our clients. We maintain a friendly atmosphere at our hospital and welcome open discussion between interns and our staff.

Internship Duties: Interns are placed into a 2-week rotational program which rotates them throughout all the veterinarians (6) of the practice and an emergency rotation. Interns are responsible for assisting with cases and hospital care of in-patients. As the intern becomes more comfortable and proficient, the amount of responsibility and tasks performed is adjusted accordingly.

Prerequisite Application Process: The intern must be a graduate of a veterinary program. Applicants must either possess or be eligible for licensure in the state of Texas. It is highly recommended to complete an externship with our hospital prior to applying for an internship.

Please email Dr. Kevin Claunch,, if you are interested in applying or would like more information. Our internship information is also listed in the Avenues program on

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